The word Handicrafts comes from the summation of two words, Hand-meaning hand-made and craft means an activity involving skill in making things by hand. When they come together, the meaning comes to activity involving the making of decorative domestic or other objects by hand.

Well, surely it’s much more than what is described above. It’s a rarity .An art passed from one generation to next and so on, till date. Its an experience of centuries old tradition, life style and still a valuable gift to be hold. However modern we might become, whatever progress we might make but the sense of belongingness towards our culture, values and traditions will never leave us. It is something to take pride in, and its time to make the people who have carried such art for centuries proud and happy with their centuries old artworks.


Our country has a rich 5000 year old culture that has developed and evolved through all phases of change throughout this time. It has not only survived but also adapted with time. So we are traditional but still modern. This is who we are.
With such culture, our people carry some and ancient art forms in their hands that have survived the forces of time. They bring us nearer to our roots. It is time that we do our due to for these people. We at handscart try our level best to bring the best of the traditional handicrafts to you, at affordable prices and still all of it (excluding handling and delivery charge) goes to craftsmen. We try bringing you closer to your culture and tradition and giving the craftsmen their complete due for carrying such art.

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