Handscart, when work and globalization are not


If all the products by Handscart are sustainable, our goal is to have a real social impact. Indeed, all our products are made by unemployed people.


I worked previously for NGO, and traveled to some rural areas in Africa and in Asia. I noticed that people were busy with agricultural activities during the year. The rest of the time, they were unemployed or used to work.


Handscart preserving handmade.  Buckets handmade from indonesia

Handscart preserving handmade. Bucket from Indonesia

At Handscart, we teach them skills to make products, We meet them in rural areas, even if they do not have nor smartphones, nor internet; we train them, using machine learning and e-science, in product making, product designing; we provide raw materials, financial services, support, we check the quality, we sell their products on our marketplace, and we have eBay and Etsy. We also have franchisee in the United States. Once the product is done, we are shipping to customers (thanks to our partners FedEx)


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