India a land of diverse arts and finery growing through its age old traditions, has never failed to incorporate her true essence in her flourishing modern days. India as a country has always been rooted in her traditions and has grown its branches to reap the fruits all over her expanse.  She has always believed in her philosophies and enchantments to hold the world still to her beauty and elegance unified by her pious land and hard willed natives.

Along with India’s technology and innovations, the Art of India, the work of a million Artists from centuries have preserved her finer skills and intricate artworks. Today India is growing in manifolds at the global platform and people around countries have started growing their interest in the culture and handicrafts of Ancient India while subtly making them a part of their Lives.

Every Artisan and his Artwork has a story its own, from the creation of its mould to working of the skillful hands of an Artist. Indian culture and its way of living can be strongly witnessed in its Handicrafts and pattern of Artistry. Even in its Diversity and Vast expanse, the traditions and Art re-unite her in creating a new story and a new dimension to the existing wide branches of distinct arenas.

Every Art work from its inception to final product is touched and crafted by various Artisans who incorporate their individual style in creating a singular form, making the product unique. The traders from Europe and other countries have always traded the Indian products in their markets making them popular and a part of their daily lives.  The Art of India is today escaping the lives of people with newer attractions, it is essential today that it re-enters the lives of people all around.

The Artisans from the rural India lack a collaborative platform to present their skills and work, this has become an instrumental reason towards the dying arts of India. A land like ours has Art in all forms available in all the facets of its identity. It is essential that the Artisans connect with the world outside and innovatively present their Works to enter the foreign market and attract the attention of the people around the globe.

The Artisans if given an opportunity can work towards building a better nation, by the exposure to the international markets and can create a strong demand for their products with their fine skills and delicate patterning. The Art lives only if the Artisan can draw inspiration to create. For that we need support the Art and put it into its maximum use. Artisans lack the knowledge of their gift towards contributing and preserving the countries Culture and Traditions by keeping alive the Art and their Inheritance.

The Artisan families in India may it be pottery, Jewellery designing or Cloth weaving have lived through generations of Predecessors taking up the Art as their moral responsibility and homage towards the effort of their Ancestors and the Gifts of their Country.

The vibrant and Colourful nature of most Indian Art works defines its beliefs in keeping its spirit alive in every way possible. The wide range of colours and design schemes used in the Art toady have lived for more than a few hundred years amalgamating every little detail and idea imposed on it by the current times and society.

The Indian sub-continent has always had an influence of Foreign rulers on its Architecture and design. The styles and working technology of these foreign Artisans is beautifully blended in our Works making them our own and finding various ways to incorporate ours into their finery. This give and take of Artistic concepts have evolved the Artworks through years and has kept it alive.