Sustainble tourism

Sustainable Tourism With Artisans

Travelling and Discovering is one of the best getaways to explore and indulge in the beauty and mysteries around the world. To travel is not only leisure but to explore the Customs and Arts; while also understanding the roots. Handscart brings to you products that are hand-picked and hand crafted by Artisans all over the world.

 What if we told you that you can travel to the Artisans and witness the making of the products yourself!

Yes, we at Handscart offer you to travel and explore the destinations as well as meet the Artisans and observe them working. We introduce you to our ‘Sustainable Tourism’, where you can travel to our Artisans and know more about their working.

We also know the fascinating stories about the legacies of our heritage, but do we know how the heritage came into it’s place and how much toil and hard work went behind it?

Every little piece put behind the product has a story and a reason; it is the Art of the creator/Artisan to put it together as whole group of little memories working towards building one singular unit.

We always have an idea or a memory associated with most products we use; but have we ever wondered about the memories of the Artisan who created our product? Wouldn’t it be very fascinating to know about it!

Our Sustainable Tourism gives you this opportunity to reach out to the Artisans, to see them work and learn about them; to know their dedication and toil behind every single product. To not only realize the value of your commodity but the moral behind it. Every Artisan not only has a story to tell, but uses his Art as a medium of expressing it.

Our tourism aims at exploring the place as well as understanding and learning about the Arts and culture. To know about the Artisans, their lifestyle, their families, to be a witness to the benefits of product purchases in the lives of the hard working crafters. Travelling and enjoying the experience is what we sought out of a trip, but let us add some more personal meaning and lesson to

the trip by meeting these Artisans and see their faces lit up, when you take interest in their work.

 Handscart works for the Artisans as well as the welfare of their Families, but to not ignore our customers we offer a one of a kind travel experience. An experience that will stay with you for a life-time. With numerous stories to  tell about you as well as about the lives of others. Becoming a part of someone else’s story, and be brought alive every time the person remembers you.

Sustainable Tourism also aims at giving a picture about the working conditions and the mechanisms used by the Artisans. To know more about the tools, machines, threads they use. Seeing a product taking shape is a delight and a learning in it’s own.

Come join us on this wonderful tour to seeing the fascinating word of Arts and Crafts. Let us together learn about the Arts and Traditions of our country as well as the countries around the globe. Know about the Artisans from various countries, get introduced to the foreign cultures and find some similarity in their culture and ours. Lets travel and earn ourselves an experience of a lifetime.