World is changing dimensions in every farthest way it can reach and it is essential today that innovation meeting with technology is a key to growth. Our responsibility today is to move together towards the next and sought out for possibilities beyond us and our times. To sustain is an effort laid by not one but all in any which way to support the economy and benefit the society at large. From Sustaining one’s own lives to looking after a million lives with our support is our goal and vision towards a better tomorrow.

To build a better future to create and upgrade the current, sustainability can not only be limited to technology but incorporating it in various fields to sustain life and forms. It is essential to inspire people to innovate, to introduce them to the larger picture of the society and to help them contribute in their best way towards building their lives and that of others. We at Handscart innovate and deliver by working with the Artisans and their Arts, by prompting them to keep their Arts alive and mould them in the needs of today’s market. We connect the customers with the Artisans to give a picture to the customer; to make producer visualize the far reaching efforts of their Art.

Developing and creating an Art is as difficult as sustaining it and keeping it alive, thus we consider it as our key concern to keep the Arts of India alive and breathing in the people across the country and around the globe. We collaborate with the Artisans across India with unique and distinct talents and abilities to showcase and sell their products. We consider it our responsibility to not just sustain everything but that which holds a moral value to the maker as well as the customer. It is important to note that products with high quality and durability are our utmost concern, to keep our customers satisfied and happy with their purchase.

The Artisans coming from the rural parts of India need to fulfill and cater to their basic needs and practices. Giving them opportunities from our platform and your support will help us contribute to their stable growth and progress. Helping them will strengthen their will to work and contribute to their country. This will be instrumental and one of the root causes in helping them support their families. We should look towards not only saving the Art but the Artist as well.

The purchases and your timely support, will help them to have a decent life with basic necessities and comforts. Better surroundings and conditions would increase their productivity. It will also result in more durable quality of goods made with all the care and affection you will offer them in the form of purchases. Helping them earn their livelihood and interact with their customers will make them realize their potential; increasing their efficiency in working. Better conditions will lead to them reaching out for more resources to produce and innovate.    

Non profitability but fair share to the Workers and Artisans for their growth and development is our major goal. Not only do we sell products and market them, but also support a lot of causes for human development and sustainability we have programs to help growing designers showcase their talents and carve their path towards progressive and successful careers in their area of expertise. These are our little yet impacting efforts towards giving to the society and every aspect that will help us sustain and move towards higher possibilities of making a better place for those who have always been disconnected to the world outside due to the lack of resources.