Our Philosphy

Concious Business

Handscart founded on basis of few principle in which Concious business is of the major, We strive to make concious and responsible decision for our customers by helping them to choose products comes from a transaparent supply chain and make sure no harm happen to nature or people during the whole product making process. Concious shopping is our misison not just to customer to find best fair trade products but also to makers by giving them the return.

Ethical Products

Fashion waste is one of the most hazardous waste in nature these days and mostly all products in lifestyle and home decor and fashion creating unneceassry waste and to get rid of these we need to focus on making highly effective products with ecofriendly way. Handscart is ethical product company and each and every single product is not just fair trade by completely ethical and ecofriendly even Iron and metal products to final packing as well.

Our Value Chain

We have a responsibility to be make business ethical and ecofriendly also create social impact through livelihood and sustainble communities. We developed our Philosophy value chain to understand How Handscart do business and create Impact not to Artisans but to Nature and customers through our products and working model